About Us

What care means to us

A sense of belonging. As a resident at a Westbury Care property we take pride in our residents feeling at true sense of comfort and homeliness. Their happiness drives the consistent nature of the high standards of care and support we provide. With a long-standing and positive reputation in the local community, relatives can feel reassured that their loved ones are safe and secure.

The comfort for both residents and relatives feeling informed and confided in about decisions, is part of our focus to maintain the independence of our residents. Where appropriate, we leave as many choices open to resident and relatives to ensure our service remains flexible, is focused on a residents wellbeing and is ultimately personal to each individual.

We take away the struggle of the day-to-day. Alleviating the worries of keeping on top of the, cleaning, washing, bills and food shopping. A valued part of the Westbury offer is the inspiration we provide residents – new activities, interests and learning opportunities create a dynamic and engaging environment.

Outstanding levels of cleanliness, pride in delivering a service that is is fair to all residents, promoting equality and diversity are all foundations to a Westbury Care home. Combined with ensuring we are part of the local community and encouraging families to become part of the day-to-day community of the home contribute to our homes being vibrant places.

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The Westbury Way

We create a unique environment and atmosphere through the the coming together of our positive approach to cultural, psychological, spiritual, emotional and social elements of providing a leading care service. This makes a Westbury Care home particularly special.

Investment in our facilities

We have invested significantly in our properties and continue to extensively maintain them. Fresh, clean and bright interiors that are comfortable for residents and relatives to spend time in. Further enhanced by the landscaped gardens and local amenities. Personalisation of their own private spaces makes their Westbury Care home unique to them.

Investment in our staff

With our committed staff at the heart of each home, we provides the best of an independent provider with the modern facilities of a large care group.

Westbury Care appoint talent that they commit to developing. From care worker, activity coordinator, kitchen team and registered manager. Our friendly and open staff that, are experts in their field, facilitate the development of a care and lifestyle plan that is personal to each individual. This helps reduce the apprehension and fear of the unknown. Above average levels of retention provide the comfort to both residents and relatives a family face is always around.